Let Your Perfectionist Tendencies Be Your Guide…or NOT

I had such big plans for the new year. Hopes, dreams, lists galore. Someone double-check the calendar, please, and tell me that April is not peering at me from around the corner with an I-told-you-so smirk on its fat face.

I think I’ve figured out the problem. I need conditions to be completely perfect before I can make a move. NASA has less rigid guidelines. And if even one component falls slightly short of the mark I throw up my hands in disgust and proclaim a no-go. Well, sister, that crazy-pants behavior stops right here and now.

My idea about this journal page was that it needed to be store related. And perky. And interesting. And timely. Now, I’m not saying that it will never be that combination of things, but even though I admire those things, I like to think I encompass a broader range of interests. Here’s another way to go – completely unrelated to anything. And morose. And boring. And sporadic. I say let’s mix it up a bit.

Today, I’m going to post some links to items I’ve come across in various blogs that I follow. I find fascinating little gems every time I succumb to the siren song of the PC, and I always think that when I have more time I’ll go back and really explore these things in depth. The problem is that my mental post-it notes have lost their stickiness. I know there’s something I was supposed to look up, but darned if I can remember what it was. If I post some of those things here, I will have a fighting chance.

Here goes:

Here is a yummy recipe for potatoes – the worlds most perfect food.
Here is a great website for fonts. I’ve been on several font sites (I love text…) and this one is set up nicely and has the added benefit of being a manageable size. Very important in a font-related site.
If you need some inspiring color therapy (read eye candy), this is the spot for you. However, it should come with a warning. Days go by, dehydration sets in, children begin foraging for nuts and berries as you sit glued to the goodness on your monitor. Beware.

Alright. That is enough for now. Baby steps.

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