He’s a Magic Man…


You know how when women get together to drink coffee, or iced tea, or vodka gimlets they tend to talk a little? And how almost inevitably the talk tends to meander its way around to the subject of husbands/significant others and their laundry list of shortcomings (among which is the lack of laundry skills…)?

Well, I just want to state for the record that my husband is not only very adept at tackling stubborn stains on whites, he is also very willing – dare I say glad – to do it. And thats not all. Not by a long shot. I have come to the conclusion that I have married someone who is magic. In our 18 years of marriage I have never once had to call a handyman for any reason whatsoever. He can fix anything.

In the space of one weekend I have personally witnessed this skilled Adonis install a wood floor, change the oil on the Mini, hook up a garbage disposal, make a fish casserole, and sew on a loose button – with time left over to take the kids to the library.

This is all just to say that I am very thankful that I am such a lucky duck. Is he perfect? Well, that depends on the day you ask. But I will tell you, should we ever be together sipping a perfectly made martini and the subject of husbandly shortcomings comes up, I’m afraid I won’t be joining in the conversation. And if it crosses your mind to ask him what exactly it is that he needs me for, I will find you where you live and boil your Steiff teddybear in the biggest pot you’ve got…

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