So that was fun


When uber-talented Annie Smith Piffel agreed to instruct a workshop here at Rock Paper Scissors, I immediately signed myself up. I have always harbored a bit of jealousy for people who can paint.

Not the house painting people mind you. I can think of no fewer than 8 million things I would rather do than tape off baseboard with that hideously colored painter’s tape (too smurf-y to my way of thinking) and start dripping paint on the improperly covered hardwood floors.

No – I’m talking about the paint on canvas people. I would love to be able to do that. And so, I signed myself up and made arrangements to have the retail portion of the shop duly covered.

Things went slightly askew with my carefully made plans. Let’s just say that I planned to attend the workshop. Then I couldn’t take the workshop. Then I could. Then I couldn’t. I finally settled for being bodily in the workshop about 2/3 of the time, running up and down the stairs 1/6 of the time, on the phone 1/8 of the time, and mentally checked-out for about 3/4 of the time. However, during the parts where I was both mentally and bodily available it was nothing short of fabulous. Annie is just that good!

I told myself that no matter how my painting turned out, I was by golly going to frame it and hang it. And so I did. And I have to say – everybody who took the workshop created a truly frame-worthy piece of art. Annie was informative, and encouraging. And I heard several comments about how relaxing it all was. Hmmm.

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